Who we Are

At Energy 350, we believe in doing things differently. We believe in being ourselves, challenging convention and always striving for better. We believe that by leading with great work and maximizing our impact, the business side will follow. We’re accountable to our mission, values and clients, not shareholders or investors. We’re determined to help serve the nation’s growing need for energy with energy efficiency rather than power plants and fossil fuels. We’re driven by the conviction that climate change is a problem we can solve…economically.

What we do

Energy 350 staff are experts in energy programs, energy policy, research and evaluation, building science, energy studies and retrocommissioning. We excel at the identification of energy efficiency measures in highly technical systems. Our staff has decades of hands-on experience with buildings, data centers, semiconductor fabs, industrial facilities and residences, identifying opportunities to save energy with highly favorable ROIs. sectors served

What’s the Meaning of 350?

E350 CO2 graphExperts believe that to stop global warming, we need to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels to 350 parts per million. Currently, energy efficiency is the most cost effective means of working towards this goal. Most importantly, it’s a wise investment for energy consumers and policy makers.

We’re Leaders in Sustainability


Energy conservation is a priority for all staff, both through our active field work as well as at the office. We recently submitted our building to the Energy Star certification program and received a perfect score of 100, indicating that we are performing at the top level for a building of our size and type within the United States. We also took the initiative to install a plug-in charger for electric vehicles, and coordinate the use of our all-electric and hybrid

company vehicles to cut down on unnecessary driving.

Visit our offices and you will quickly see how our core values and practices encompass many elements of a sustainable business. Our staff are committed to an ecologically balanced workspace, practicing reuse and recycling, bike commuting, (even through the rainy season) and minimizing waste wherever we can. We actively look for opportunities to volunteer in our local community, and openly share ideas about how to further reduce our carbon footprint as a group. As such, we were recently awarded a Gold level certification through the City of Portland’s Sustainability at Work program and can be found in their Green Business Directory.

Our Humanitarian Efforts

We believe strongly in our mission and the economic and environmental benefits of the work we do. However, we also recognize that there are many needs out there that are non-environmental. We view our success as an obligation to give back to worthy causes. To broaden our positive impact beyond energy and the environment, we volunteer our time and donate to a variety of organizations.

Here is video from a greenhouse building community service event we did for Focus on Youth, who provide mentoring and hands on learning experiences for over 13,000 disadvantaged and homeless youth.

The organizations we support regularly are:


Unicef LogoWater.org


MindOverMatter central city concernhuman rights campaign





janus youth programs


oregon cultural trust






Urban Gleaners


transition projects










Good Neighbor Logo

Engineers Without Borders LogoPlannedParenthood














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