E350 CO2 graphExperts believe that to stop global warming, we need to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels to 350 parts per million. Currently, energy efficiency is the most cost effective means of working towards this goal. Most importantly, it’s a wise investment for energy consumers and policy makers.

E350 NationwideWho we are

Energy 350 is a Pacific NW company with a national influence. We work hard to offset the human impact on the earth through the pursuit of cost effective energy conservation and proven resource management techniques. Led by a highly technical staff of engineering and energy policy experts, Energy 350 identifies, evaluates and implements building and process energy efficiency strategies.


Sectors We Serve

Energy 350 staff are experts in energy programs, energy policy, building science, energy studies and retrocommissioning. We excel at the identification of energy efficiency measures in highly technical systems. Our staff has decades of hands-on experience with buildings, data centers, semiconductor fabs, industrial facilities and residences, identifying opportunities to save energy with highly favorable ROIs. sectors served

Our Approach

Our clients appreciate our value and technical competency. We invest in being a part of your team communicating clearly and conducting ourselves professionally. We take pride in sharing our knowledge with building owners and operators while earning their trust.


Giving Back

We believe strongly in our mission and the economic and environmental benefits of the work we do. However, we also recognize that there are many needs out there that are non-environmental. We view our success as an obligation to give back to worthy causes. To broaden our positive impact beyond energy and the environment, we give to the following organizations:


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MindOverMatter central city concernhuman rights campaign





janus youth programs


oregon cultural trust






Urban Gleaners


transition projects










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